Sunday, January 3, 2016

Getting out of debt

So in this post I mentioned the Financial Peace University we had done by Dave Ramsey. It has seemed like such a long uphill battle, but my husband and I are debt free! Today we paid off both of our cars. One of them being 6 months ahead of schedule. Starting out the new year debt free is such a relieving feeling. For a while it has just been our two cars that we needed to pay off, but man did it take long! Living on one income for our family with me in school has been hard, but we have made it possible. One thing that has been especially hard is tithing. There are so many things and bills that our first 10% could be spent on. But, we are where we are because Jesus has gotten us through everything. Every thing we have is because of Him and we are continuing to try to remember that, even when we might feel like we have nothing.
It will be nice to finally start saving money. We want to buy a house in a couple years so that is what we will be saving for now. If anyone is needing to get out of debt or just need advice or tips on how to be a better saver, Dave Ramsey's site has amazing answers.

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