Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The 7 Baby Steps

As I stated in this previous post, my husband and I are going through Financial Peace University. These are The 7 Baby Steps principles to living a debt free life:

Luckily, Daniel and I had just begun a savings a couple months before we started FPU so we had a little extra saved. We finally sold my car which brought in some extra money that we are saving to buy another car with. It's exciting to be able to scratch off one of the baby steps from our list. Having a one person income supporting a 3 person family isn't easy so being able to learn how to manage our money is very very important to us. 
Before we started FPU, we would receive my husbands paycheck, pay our bills, and not really know where the left over money went. In this course, we're learning to tell our money where to go and not let it slip out of our hands.
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