Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Financial Peace University

So last week my husband and I, along with my mom started taking FPU by Dave Ramsey through our church. We are hoping and praying that this will help us manage our money and get out of debt. It's amazing to see where my husband and I were a year ago compared to today. 

A year ago we had a nice sized apartment, comfortably living off one income, always eating out at nice restaurants, and had two cars. Now, we're living at my grandparents house with my grandparents along with my mom and brother, converted their living room into a bedroom/small living space, tightly living on one income, neither of us have a car and are expecting our first child this April. We've gone through so many things in the last year and half of marriage. Despite it all, I'd much rather be where we are today than a year ago. Daniel and I were completely lost. Our priorities weren't right, God was no where even near the center of our marriage and when things came against us, we didn't know how to lean on each other. Rather we attacked each other and pointed fingers. Being put in our current situation has given us the opportunity to really humble ourselves. We don't take for granted what we have and it's really helped us to lean on each other and work together. Daily we read our Bibles together and do our devotionals. 

We might not be able to give our son the nicest things like we might once have, but this child is going to grow up in a house where he sees love and commitment. Where God is at the center and we strive to live a life bringing honor to His name. 
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