Monday, January 28, 2013

Pregnancy Update

I have absolutely been horrible at updating about my pregnancy. Recently I began taking weekly photos but my first trimester or so was barley documented :( Nevertheless I am determined to continue to take photos at this amazing time my life. So here is a quick update so far in this pregnancy:
First Trimester
-Morning sickness, everyday multiple times
-Nauseous, always nauseous (I even made my husband change his deodorant and body wash because everything made me feel queasy) 
-Picky eater, very limited in what I ate because of the nasea 
-Very gassy (tmi!)
-Bloating, I didn't quite gain any weight, maybe 4 pounds but my body was definately changing and I started buying maternity pants in the first trimester to feel more comfortable in clothes.

Second Trimester
- Finally able to eating again! 
-Morning sickness almost nonexistent
-Started showing dramatically
Started feeling movement! Most exciting feel ever!!
-A lot of comfortableness, always sore

Third Trimester (So far)
-Very tired, I feel like I can't go a day without a nap
-Using the restroom every 30 mins!
-Always feeling movement and kicks to my ribs!
-Found out the sex of our baby BOY!!!

I don't think I've had any particular cravings, I'm started wanting sour candies more but other than that my appetite hasn't changed much. Right now I am 28+6 and have gained about 14 pounds. All I want to do is shop but I am trying to control it and wait until after my baby shower to get necessities rather than a bunch of things I just want! I will try my best to update this as much as possible :)

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  1. love that you are documenting everything! Your bump is beautiful :) What a fun time in life!

  2. my sister in law is in her third trimester and her biggest complaint is how tired she is. i hope you get lots of opportunities to nap!