Thursday, April 9, 2015

Almost 2

In exactly one week my baby toddler will be two! I know I say it so much on here, but I cannot believe how fast time has gone by! Judah is finally at the stage where he is having relationships with people. He has developed a bond with his Uncle Dave. Last month Judah's Uncle Dave left for Army BMT and for some reason Judah's spirit I guessed sensed David leaving. To back track, Judah prays during dinner and bedtime. It usually goes something like "Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, School, Uncle Tim, Costco, Uncle Dave, book, food. etc.". For about three days prior to David leaving to about a week after David left, Judah's prayer consisted of "Uncle Dave, amen."  I guess Judah knew that David would be needing extra prayers. My husband is really close to his brother David so leading up to his departure it had been pretty tough here. Based on letters it's going good for David at BMT and we are so proud of him following what he feels God has called him to. 
Easter just passed and Judah had an Easter egg hunt at school and at home. Before finding the next egg, Judah would open up the egg and eat the candy inside. This year we didn't dye any eggs but next year we definately will. The older Judah gets, the funner activities become. I love doing crafts with him or going out and finding a new place to have fun at. I plan on taking the Summer off of school so I can just relax and have a great time with Judah. He won't be going to school either for the summer so fingers crossed we will conquer potty training! 
Here are some photos of the last couple of months with Jude and other important moments!

 The infamous Santa pose
 First time at the zoo
David being sworn into the military
 Favorite place to be
Eating his Easter candy
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