Monday, April 13, 2015

Vegan cupcakes

My brother has been a vegan for several years now. I honestly have no idea how he has the willpower to be so limited and controlled in what he intakes. This year for his birthday I decided to make him some vegan chocolate cupcakes with a peanut butter glaze, mainly because there isn't anywhere around our neighborhood that sells good vegan desserts. 
I wanted to find a recipe that didn't have many ingredients that I did not already have. These ingredients are very simple and easy to follow. The cake was very moist and did not at all taste dry like some vegan cakes I've tried because there's no egg. 

The recipe for the chocolate cupcake can be found here *substituted vinegar for lemon juice*
The recipe for the peanut butter glaze can be found here

Mixed together all dry ingredients
Mixed together all wet ingredients

Mixed both wet and dry together
 Fill in about 2/3 into cupcake liners, bake at 350 for 22 minutes, or until fully cooked
 Let cool and then add frosting

I didn't eat the finished product because I don't really like peanut butter but I heard they were very good. I did however, eat the cupcake plain and can say they were probably the best vegan cupcakes that I have made so far!
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  1. We are kindred spirits -- I don't like peanut butter either! People often wrinkle their nose when I turn down what they consider pure goodness. To each his own, I guess. :)