Friday, September 5, 2014

Judah starting daycare/preschool

Judah started his preschool the Monday after we came home from our vacation, which is the same day I started my semester. It was really tough for me to let go. The night before, I stood up just going back and forth about dropping my classes so I could stay home with him, for selfish reasons of course. I knew he'd enjoy being around other kids his age. What really kept making me not want to take him was not wanting to leave him while he cried for me. Of course things never really go as planned, he didn't cry at all! I think it was just a new situation for him so he didn't really know how to react. When I picked him up later that day he was crying and continued to cry a little less each time after. Now when I drop him off he cries for about 15 seconds and then cries once he sees me when I pick him up. They say he's adjusting appropriately but doesn't like nap time. That's my fault. Up until a couple weeks ago I'd always rock him to sleep during nap time and at the end of the day and sleep with him. His teacher said on Wednesday he didn't want to sleep and was crying and woke everyone up 20 minutes into nap time (whoops). It's completely different for him now which isn't fair. I'm trying to put him in his crib awake so he could learn to fall asleep independently but I know that will take some time. Overall he seems to like school, he even learned the American Sign Language sign for it (clap your hands together two times) and gets excited to do it when I ask him if he wants to go to school. I also started a Instagram account with his lunches I make for him. Finding things he'll eat and not just throw is hard!

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