Friday, September 5, 2014

Lake Tahoe

I can't believe that August is already over! This August we had our first family vacation as a family of 3. I had never been, nor had my husband, to Lake Tahoe so we decided that was our destination. We also took my mom with us (she doubles as a babysitter!). We decided to drive up there at night so Judah can sleep, might I add that he did AMAZING there and back! It was so beautiful up there, I'd love to live somewhere like Lake Tahoe when I retire. We stood in North Lake Tahoe but drove down to South Lake Tahoe to visit those beaches as well. Judah absolutely loved playing in the sand, eating it too. On the night of our first day there, there was a crazy rain downpour with hail. Also, there was a crazy road down to South Lake Tahoe where there was no guard rails and it just drops straight down on both sides. Oh and we rented a four-person peddle boat. Before we left, I bought Judah a infant life jacket because we had planned on rafting (water levels were too low so we didn't) and he hated the jacket. When we went on the peddle boat, I thought Judah would be mad because of his jacket. Between it being cold and the rocking motion of the boat, Judah slept the whole time we were in the water. It was a great first family trip.

 (crazy no guard road)

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  1. Tahoe is one of my very favorite places to visit. Great photos! Even better memories!