Friday, January 1, 2016


I can't believe that it is already over. Christmas time is so much more beautiful and magical with a child. Every Christmas just gets better and better. We were able to spend Christmas with people we love and care deeply for. Christmas Eve was spent at my dad's family's house. Christmas morning was spent at home with my mom's family and Christmas night was spent at my in-laws house with siblings and cousins. Judah loved opening gifts, I don't know if he was so much interested in the actual gifts as he was in opening them. Before he could finish opening one gift, he was already looking to open another gift. We had to slow him down to appreciate what each gift was! He now has so many toys that he could probably open his own small toy store. I need to figure out a toy rotation or something because there is absolutely no room for them all!
Judah still hasn't quite grasped that Santa came to our house with the reindeer and brought him a gift, maybe next year he'll understand it more!

 Judah's cousin James
 On Christmas Eve before bed Judah got to open his Christmas pj's and new book to read before bed

I totally forgot to take pictures at my husband's parents house but I took a quick picture of Judah with one of his cousins before we left

Side note- I totally procrastinated and took Judah to see Santa on Christmas Eve. 2 hours later, every time the woman tried to get Judah to smile he would smile and look over at me. Cute of him, but maybe next year we'll get him to look at the camera!
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