Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas time is here!

After months of not having a camera, I finally bought a new one! It is a beginners DSLR but it is definitely an upgrade for me.

It is finally Christmas time and it is in full swing around here! Earlier this week we got our Christmas tree and yesterday we went to look at Christmas lights. There's this neighborhood that block after block has all these amazing lights. They even had carolers, a Santa and sold hot chocolate. Judah is at the age now where it all fascinates him, which makes it totally worth walking around in the cold for me.  He actually sat with Santa which surprised me. Last year he was terrified to sit with him at the mall. By the end of the night Judah was cold and so tired that I had to carry him back to the car. 

I think this time of year we can all get caught up in the materialistic part of it but it is such a great reminder of the love our Father has for us. As much as I love the spirit of Christmas and reading Judah books about Santa, I know it is even more important to use this as an opportunity to talk about Jesus to him. He loves helping me bake and later this month we plan on baking a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake and read books about Jesus' birth. 

 Picking our tree
 Unwrapping our ornaments 

 Getting hot chocolate with Grammy

Tired and cold!
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