Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Motherhood lately

I see so many blog posts on here with happy, joyful, loving kids, and I love it. I know the feeling of seeing your child so happy and so innocent, I wish that Judah could be like that all the time. Unfortunately it hasn't been all smiles, actually, it has been very few smiles lately. He has started hitting and scratching in a non-playful way. Both of which I have no idea where he learned from because Daniel nor I believe in physical punishment of any kind. He has a temper and is distant. Aside from his temper, he is cutting 3 teeth right now and had his 1 year appointment today which involved 3 shots. Not to mention we recently took him off of the bottle. I have to remind myself everyday that he is just as frustrated with me as I am with him. I don't love him any less or wish he were different. I understand that he has to work through his emotions and let him know that I am here for him. I have to constantly ask God for patience and be wise in my decisions. I miss my happy, cuddly little boy, I hope that he becomes happier soon.

By the way, Judah needs a toy organizer soon, look at that pile of toys! And here is a picture of him a few weeks ago that I hope he begins to look like again.

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