Friday, December 6, 2013

Grateful for health

Today I had to take Judah to his doctors because he has been having a really raspy voice and I noticed that his tongue had some whites spots, so I figured it was thrush. I had to first call his insurance and change his physician because his pediatrician retired. While I was waiting for the operator to answer, I began to stress out a little because Judah gets upset going for rides in the car and because I'd have to start treating his thrush. While on the phone with the operator, she ask me several questions: Has he been to the emergency room in the last week? Has he seen any other doctor besides is primary for any medical emergency? Is he on any special medication? Thankfully the answers to all those questions are NO. Besides having a small fungal infection, he's perfectly perfect. I can't imagine having to go through the heartache and complications that many parents have to go through. I don't know how parents handle telling their child they have cancer or that they have something that is incurable. I know that one day he will get scrapes, bump his head, and do boy things that will cause him to get hurt. I think I can handle that. Luckily, he has no health concerns and I thank God everyday for my healthy an beautiful little boy.

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