Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Gift

My mom has never been one to hint at or want anything extravagant. When I was younger and I'd asked her what she wanted she would always say "world peace" which would always drive me crazy because I couldn't give her that. For as long as I could remember I'd always give her "IOU" cards or a new bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I recently got a job (as of last Monday-Thank God!) so money is still tight for a while. I am HORRIBLE at having creative ideas what to buy people so I stuck to my traditional "IOU" cards. Of course they couldn't be like the cards I used to make when I was 10-11 so I had to make it a little more nicer. So I went to Michaels Craft store, bought a couple things and sat on my bedroom floor trying to create something. I've always seen little cards or notes stamped, so I thought I would try something with that. Let me tell you, individually stamping something is the hardest thing ever! You have to be very precise. After a while I just decided to make it look a little rugged and that make the process so much easier. Again, I'm horrible at coming up with creative ideas. The massages have always been on my "IOU's" but my mom has always loved the massages I gave her. When I was younger she told me I should go to massage school and I could do all my practicing on her. Along with that I bought her a dozen yellow roses and her favorite candy (hot tamales) which was not photographed. 

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  1. cute. I always do the coupons for both mother's day and valentine's day. your cards are so cute!

  2. aww, that is such a sweet idea! i love it :)