Friday, April 24, 2015

A Love for Reading

I cannot express how happy it makes me that Judah loves to read! I've never wanted to force anything on my kid(s) but I have highly helped him realize that books are great. I've read to him since he was in my wombs and all throughout newborn and the infant stage. He'll stand on top of out plastic storage box and grab books and sit in the corner and read to himself. There's several books that he knows not to grab and he'll ask me to get them and read to him. He has his favorites and some that he's less interested in. He'll read out loud books with me that he's memorized because we've read so many times before. He'll laugh at a funny part that he knows is coming up. 
I believe that it is so important for kids to have an interest in reading and read for pleasure. Growing up I didn't really like read. It wasn't until I was about 11 or so that I was able to appreciate reading. My husband never really took an interest in reading for pleasure but I appreciate how he encourages and reads to Judah. 

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