Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Weekend

This weekend was filled with a lot of family time. Between school, work, and just little things that we fill our lives with, it sometimes feel that we don't have much uninterrupted family time. On July 3rd we went to a local firework show at the park. That was very different than last year. Last year we had an almost 3 month old. There was more soothing and comforting. This year there was running around on the playground and playing on open fields of grass with Judah's ball.
On the 4th we stopped by my dads house to pick up a box of fireworks for Judah and mostly watched the neighbors fireworks. Besides the fireworks, there was a lot of downtime this weekend which we filled with naps, lounging, and Church. It was a good weekend with much needed family time.

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